December 14, 2022
#77: Wrapping Up 2022

In this Episode:

  • What SHE Talks Health has accomplished this year
  • My personal growth throughout the year in life and health
  • What we focused on in 2022 the most
  • The exciting things we have coming for you in 2023
  • The biggest lesson of 2022 for me
  • What our community has requested the most from us

Episode Summary:

What an incredible year it has been here at the SHE Talks Health Podcast & HQ! We’ve released 23 episodes this year, and I’m so excited about the new content we have lined up for 2023.

For the final episode of 2022, I want to recap the amazing things SHE Talks Health has accomplished this year, what’s been happening in my own health journey, the stories we’ve shared, and the amazing people we’ve helped along the way!

The biggest lesson I learned this year is to do what really lights you up and surround yourself with supportive people who help you do those things. I hope you go into the new year with this energy and continue to follow along with us for all the exciting new things we have planned for next year!

Thank you so much for being a part of the SHE Talks Health community. Stay tuned for a new episode in a few weeks! Happy Holidays!

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