April 6, 2022
#60: Take Back Control of Your Health with BodyTalk & Hyponosis

In this episode

  • Lyns story of misdiagnosed Leukemia & medical gas lighting
  • How to work to reduce toxin burden to improve health
  • Shifting out of fight or flight
  • Review of Biofeedback
  • Interrupting Negative Thought Patterns
  • What is epigenetics?
  • What is Body Talk?
  • The importance of releasing stuck trauma

Episode Summary

Immediately following this episode I hired Lyn to work with me on my own belief systems, negative thought patterns and behavior loops and only 2 sessions I see massive shifts in my life.

The tough thing about energy work and belief work is it’s not tangible, not something you can see or touch but it’s the underbelly of so much dis-ease in the body.

Many of us, myself in the past too, believe certain stories about our health and we become wrapped up in this negative loop. In this episode Lynn discusses how those negative thoughts have been shown to influence our health.

We discuss the study of epigenetics and how we have so much control to turn on and off the genes that cause disease in the body and how we can use the energy healing modality of Body Talk Energy to dive into the story our bodies are telling us.

Finally, we chat about how trauma can be stored in the body and that it must be addressed for full healing to occur.

This is a great episode for anyone who feels like you’ve done all the things to try and correct your physical health and you haven’t been able to turn the tide!


Cortices Technique

The biology of belief by Bruce Liptom

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

Joe Dispenza Books


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