March 23, 2022
#59: Movement for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Cycling Women

In this episode

  • Jacquie’s journey through training for a marathon and why she gained weight
  • Why barre & yoga work so well for women’s hormonal health
  • Cortisol + weight Gain
  • What Jacquie did for movement throughout her pregnancy
  • What Jacquie did for movement during Postpartum
  • How to check for Diastasis recti
  • The key to lasting results

Episode Summary

Calling all women – no matter what cycle of life you are in – whether it be cycling naturally, pregnancy or postpartum – we go through movement ideas for each season of life in this episode.

If you’ve ever been confused about movement for your female body this is great episode to catch with Jacquie Smith from Little Adapts by Jax.


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