June 23, 2021
#41: How to solve your IBS: Not another Low FODMAP Diet

In this episode

  • What is the gut-brain connection
  • LOW FODMAP – what it is and why it’s not the be all and end all.
  • Trauma & The Gut – The importance of being in Rest & Digest vs Fight or Flight for digestion to occur
  • Ways to incorporate a healthy nervous system response to stress.

Episode Summary

In a world where food dogma and diet culture reign it can be very challenging for the average gal with IBS to figure out what to do. Should she give up foods? try a low FODMAP diet? The truth is what works for you may not work for me – the concept of Bio-individuality has to be considered. That is that one persons fuel is another person’s poison or more accurately, in terms of IBS, everyone’s microbiome is DIFFERENT. That means that you have a unique blueprint of what will work for your gut healing.

However there are some universal truths that Laura Martin and I wanted to set straight.

  1. FOOD FREEDOM – is actually GOOD for your gut microbiome. Diversity is key to a health gut – we actually need to be eating MORE to heal the gut (prebiotics, Probiotics, bile, digestive enzymes, stomach acids, leaky gut)
  2. CONSISTENCY – the power in healing comes from building a health plan you enjoy consistently! Not yo-yo diets and quick fixes that leave you feeling worse off than when you started
  3. STRESS MANAGEMENT if you’re stressing you’re not digesting – so lowering our stress ALWAYS helps our gut because we know the gut and brain are connected.
  4. LOW FOD MAP and FOOD SENSITIVITY TESTING does not work long term because it does address the underlying root cause of digestive issues like (lack of pro and prebiotics in the diet, sufficient bile production, digestive enzymes and stomach acid or leaky gut) Function of the gut is what matters for long term results!

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