July 7, 2021
#42: How to Ditch Your Menstrual Migraines

In this Episode:

  • Causes of Menstrual Migraines: The Fluctuation of Estrogen
  • Histamine-Estrogen
  • Non Hormonal Reasons for Headaches/Migraines
  • Birth Control & Migraines
  • Common food & Chemical Triggers for Migraines
  • Action Steps to reduce Menstrual Migraines / Hormonal Headaches

Episode Summary:

Migraines are debilitating symptoms and for anyone who’s had one you know just how show stopping they can be. But did you know that there could be a hormonal connection and that there are very specific steps you can take to mitigate your migraines if they are hormonal in nature?!

Typically if you are having a hormonal migraine or headache it will occur with bleeding (the start of your period) OR in some cases at Ovulation. In this episode we discuss why this is in detail – (psst. It has to do with estrogen!)

Migraines can also be linked to several other things besides fluctuations in estrogen. They can also be linked to Gene Mutations, Nutritional Deficiencies, Birth Control and Food or Chemical triggers.

In this episode we discuss how to determine your triggers and then what an action plan might look like in order to get relief!

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