June 2, 2020
#12: A Women’s Guide to Wellness
In Conversation with Michelle Norris

Episode Summary

How does the modern woman navigate a Health-FULL life? COVID-19 has shown the world that your health is not a cost, it’s investment and you have to make it – but where do you start? With diet alone there are proponents for seemingly opposite philosophy’s from vegan diets to carnivore diets. And we can’t stop with the food we put in our mouth – health goes far beyond diet alone.

In today’s episode we dive in deep with Paleo f(x)™ co-founder, Michelle Norris, to hear her philosophy on the 7 pillars of health. If you are exhausted, bloated, overweight, not sleeping, having mood swings, awful periods, acne breakouts, aches and pains – these are the signs of DIS-EASE. Tune in to learn how to turn dis-ease into health.

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