October 7, 2020
#25: The “silent” epidemic: how wheat sensitivity falls through the cracks

Episode Summary

Got allergies? Headaches? Autoimmune disease? Period pain? Acne? Arthritis? Any other chronic issue that hasn’t been resolved yet? It could be GLUTEN!

In today’s episode I interviewed an expert in all things gluten, wheat, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Whitney Morgan goes deep about WHY gluten & wheat are such HUGE issues for the vast majority of the population, the various testing options that are available, what strange symptoms could be arising as a result of gluten and how gluten can be a major contributing factor to chronic illness across the board.

If you are struggling with unresolved health issues – gluten could be a contributing factor so take a listen. If you are ready to take the plunge and go GF check out Whitney’s mini course on how to establish a gluten-free house.


Enter Promo code shetalks50 for $50 savings off AND Whitney is offering the 1st module as a free gift to you!

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