Quickie Breakfast Idea for Busy People

Nov 3, 2018 | Recipes

One of the most frequent things I see with my clients is that people are skipping breakfast because they don’t have time or they think it has to be an elaborate endeavor. Then they are drinking tons of coffee on an empty stomach to give them something to start their days with. I love coffee as much as the next gal, but trust me, this stuff on an empty stomach can really wreak havoc on your hormones and your gut lining. There are some that say having coffee on an empty stomach can dysregulate your blood sugar – aka – screw with your hormones. On the rare day that I have coffee on an empty tummy the effects are numerous but the hormone thing is definitely a big part – I find myself reaching for carbs all day long. This is because my Leptin and Ghrelin hormones think I need more fuel (energy) and the quickest way to get that fuel is through glucose – aka carbs! Carbs and more carbs!

The other thing I notice is that my very delicate stomach doesn’t like me very much on days when I drink that hot cup of Joe on an empty stomach. This may be because our stomach lining is 1 cell thick – you can think of this as the thickness of saran wrap. When this stomach lining starts to pull apart from constant exposure to toxins, coffee, pesticides, and food intolerances you start to develop something called intestinal permeability or commonly known as, Leaky Gut. I had this condition for years before I figured out how to heal from it and trust me you don’t want something called Leaky Gut!

Anyway, I say all of this, not to scare you but to give you some background information on what you are putting into your body. By all means, enjoy that coffee – just have something in your stomach first.

Ahh, yes, you say to have something in your stomach but when? And how? And what? Keep reading for a really delicious and quick breakfast idea.  If you are an egg for breakfast type of person this one is delicious and the best part – it’s only 2 ingredients. 2 eggs, 1 bell pepper of any color

colorful bell peppers


  1. Preheat the oven to 450
  2. Wash & cut your pepper in half long wise
  3. Cut out the seeds & ribs, leaving 2 open halves of the pepper*
  4. Crack an egg into each half
  5. Sprinkle with S&P or  “Everything but the bagel” seasoning from Trader Joes or your favorite seasoning
  6. Put on a baking sheet – no oil needed. Put into the oven.
  7. Set a timer for 12 minutes – go take a shower, wake up your kids or get your meditation/yoga on 🙂
  8. Check it and make sure the eggs are cooked the way you like it – longer will make the yolks hard

*when choosing your pepper make sure it is one that will stand up on his side – the last thing you want is that egg to go all over your pan.

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