July 28, 2022
#68: Low Estrogen: Causes and What to Do About It

In this Episode:

  • Identifying symptoms of low estrogen in pre-menopausal women
  • Where in our bodies these symptoms most often occur
  • Which tests you can request if you suspect you are estrogen deficient
  • The possible root causes of estrogen deficiency
  • What to do about it once it has been identified
  • Dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental changes that support estrogen production

Episode Summary:

This week, I’m sitting down solo to dig deep into pre-menopausal estrogen deficiency. With this particular hormonal imbalance, there are a ton of symptoms that could indicate an underlying issue. In this episode, I list the symptoms, where they manifest in the body, the possible causes, how to get your hormone levels tested, and of course, how to address the issues once they’re identified.

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