February 23, 2022
#57: Tracking your Menstrual Cycle Using Tempdrop
with Mel Angus

In this episode

  • Who is Mel Angus?
  • How did Fertility awareness method change her life?
  • What Kind of FAM she practices and teaches
  • What is the Sympto Thermal Method?
  • What is Basal Body Temperature Tracking (BBT)
  • Why does Tempdrop allow you to track BBT without all the rules?
  • What progesterone & Estrogen does in our bodies.
  • The Benefits of tracking your cycle
  • What is a cover line?
  • How to support progesterone if you see it dipping in the luteal phase/Changes you can make in real time to support your cycle
  • Products + Food that impact your progesterone

Episode Summary

Using Tempdrop has allowed me to easily track my menstrual cycle without the rigamarole of standard BBT tracking with a thermometer and paper tracker. This wearable device syncs to my phone and all I have to remember to do is wear it at night while I sleep and then sync it each day.

Learn how Tempdrop can make your cycle tracking life so much easier!


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