January 5, 2022
#53: Breast Implant Illness

In this episode

  • Identifying whether implants may be a root cause issues
  • Steps for researching and carrying out a safe explant
  • Prep before Surgery
  • Post Surgical Supplements
  • Resources for women with Breast Implant Illness

Episode Summary

Breast Implant Illness has become a problem affecting hundreds of thousands of women with implants in various ways. Many women with implants are beginning to experience ​ unexplainable symptoms, such as: fatigue, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), muscle aches, joint pain, hair loss, dryness throughout the body, recurring infections, gastrointestinal and digestive issues, rashes, problems with thyroid and adrenals.

In this episode, we talk with nutritionist, fellow FDN and friend of mine, Jennifer Woodward, about her decision to remove her implants. We cover her a-ha moment that her implants were causing lingering health complications, how she researched for her explant surgeon, the questions she had, how she prepared her body for explant, and what she did post-op to keep her body healthy.

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