October 2, 2020
#24: What is Holding You Back from the Sex You Desire

Episode Summary

Did you know that most women take on average 14 minutes of pleasuring before they can have an orgasm? Or that only 20% of women can have an orgasm from penetrative sex?

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month and I find that our sexual health awareness is about the same as our period literacy – a confusing web of misinformation!

Let’s face it most of us weren’t taught about desire, healthy sex, orgasm, etc. In fact, most of us are taught all sorts of confusing mixed messages about sex from our parents, social media, religion and more – talk about being confused & frustrated!

In today’s episode, we dove in deep with Alicia Pinkston, a Sex Therapist about sex, desire, arousal, the disconnect between men & women when it comes to sex, what is holding us back from getting the sex we want, and finding answers! This is a super loaded episode so bring a notebook and come with an open mind!

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