September 1, 2020
#22: Debunking Exercise and Intuitive Movement

Episode Summary

In this episode I chatted with Tara Laferrara, who trained at the National Academy of Sports Medicine plus is a yoga teacher, kettlebell instructor, mobility teacher, and olympic weightlifting level 1 certificate holder. Tara trains and co-owns Compass Fitness which is where you will see her most of the week.

We chatted all about intuitive movement, breaking societal norms about exercise and how we can put our emotions behind our movement. We did some exercise myth debunking, answered common questions and gave you concrete steps on how to get started with movement that works for YOUR unique and beautiful female body!

If you really resonated with Tara’s chill and empowering exercise vibe you can learn more about her at or follow her on IG @taralaferra

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