May 26, 2020
#11: The Best of the Best in FemTech and SexTech
And How These Tools Can Make Your Life Better

Episode Summary

Solutions for women’s reproductive & sexual health is a growing business because unfortunately there is a growing demand due to the overwhelming amount of women’s health issues. From infertility, to menstruation, birth control, pregnancy, menopause, a woman’s body goes through incredible changes throughout her lifetime.

Sometimes these changes and symptoms like incontinence, menstrual cycle issues and weight gain can really mess with our day to day life. The upside is that there are dozens and dozens of Vagipreneurs creating solutions for these big problems and sharing them with the world.

In this episode we talk to an expert on the business of women’s sexual health & reproductive health. Throughout her career of championing women’s health, she has worked with an impressive list of FemTech and SexTech companies that offer help, support, devices and tools to improve women’s quality of life! We’ll be going through some of these innovative resources created for women, by women.

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