January 25, 2023
#79: Optimizing Sodium and Potassium for Energy

In this Episode:

  • The importance of minerals for our health
  • How we test for mineral deficiencies
  • The role of sodium and potassium in our cellular and muscular function
  • Early signs of chronic fatigue
  • How sodium regulates our stomach acid and digestion
  • How potassium aids our thyroid and heart function
  • What happens when you have low sodium and potassium?
  • Easy and delicious ways to start reversing sodium and potassium deficiencies

Episode Summary:

It might come as a shock, but did you know that low sodium is more common than you might think? We’re often told that we should watch our sodium intake to prevent hypertension as we get older, but when we go too far in the other direction, other problems can arise.

Couple that with low potassium intake, and you’re looking at having low energy, fatigue, adrenal issues, and quite a few other symptoms that are easily reversible with a few tweaks to our diet.

If you’ve ever noticed that having an extra cup of coffee is just not enough to keep you from having an afternoon crash, this episode might give you some clues as to what could be causing it. I’ll cover why sodium and potassium work together to give our muscles energy, how chronic fatigue can lead to long-term issues, and some easy tweaks we can make to our diet and lifestyle to give us that boost we need to feel at our optimum energy levels.

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