January 11, 2023
#78: EMF and its Effects on the Endocrine System
with R Blank

In this episode

  • Why we should care about EMFs
  • What are the different types of EMFs and what emits them?
  • The ways that EMFs affect our body, cells, and DNA
  • How research funding sources skews the negative effects of EMF radiation
  • When did this all start?
  • The diseases that didn’t exist before the power grid
  • Evaluating your toxic load
  • How to set boundaries around technology

Episode Summary

Since the evolution of electricity and the power grid, humans have been exposed to harmful electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, almost nonstop. As technology has progressed, it has been increasingly difficult to free ourselves from this harmful radiation and set boundaries around when we interact with it.

This week, I’m talking with R Blank, the CEO of Shield Your Body, to discuss how EMFs became so prevalent in the world today, the negative impact that has had on our bodies, cells, and DNA, and how we can set healthier boundaries around technology so that we can reduce our exposure to harmful EMFs.

R and his company have been featured on Dr. Phil, ABC, Inc. Magazine, and even more to spread the word about protecting ourselves from EMFs and living healthier lives by educating ourselves about our everyday surroundings.

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