April 14, 2020
#5: Fusion Western Functional Medicine
And Why its the Way of the Future

Episode Summary

Eight years ago when I learned about my thyroid disorder, Western Medicine was only able to provide a partial solution. The treatment protocol that I was offered, which included prescriptions, made me feel 50% better. I went in search for the missing 50%. What I found was Functional Medicine which truly turned my life around and helped me operate at maximum capacity.

In today’s episode I interview Dr. Adam Perlman, Medical Director for Employee Wellbeing for Mayo Clinic Florida, about why he chose to enhance his medical expertise with Functional Medicine to provide a more comprehensive patient outcome. We’ll be diving into how Western & Functional Medicine can compliment each other in today’s health care system and how he sees the future of medicine evolving. This is a particularly interesting time to be investigating how lifestyle medicine can support our bodies during this stressful chapter in our history.

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