SHE Health Experience

The gold standard one-of-a-kind 6 month ladies-only total transformation solution to ditching the debilitating cramps (and the PMS from hell), recalibrating your irritable gut, and silencing the anxiety without costly medications or another failed fad diet.

No one told you your 30’s were gonna feel like:

  • Bloating after every meal that leaves you feeling like you can’t fit into your favorite jeans (cause you have a balloon in your belly)
  • Bleeding through your tampon every 2 hours and cramping up so badly that you can’t get out of bed
  • Being so fatigued you have half the energy of what you used to
  • Living in a body that doesn’t feel like your own
  • Wasting hours of your life stressing as you research your symptoms because your doctors keep telling you “your labs are normal”,
  • Dealing with crippling brain fog that makes your work performance suffer
  • Trying every new trendy diet hoping it will help you lose the weight so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin
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Here’s the thing …

This is supposed to be YOUR decade to thrive but instead you are spending it in hormonal chaos and fearful about what the future holds for your health.

This is NOT a way to live and no you are not just “getting older” nor do you “just have to live with it” and you definitely don’t have to deal with compromising your life for your health.

You get to have regular bowel movements, anxiety free days, peaceful and regular periods AND a total transformation of your mental, physical and spiritual health.

It starts with you, babe. You MUST believe in yourself, have confidence that your body has your back and that it has what it takes to thrive again.

You’ve probably tried ALL the supplements, all the diets, all the medications and still feel like garbage. But you were missing ONE crucial step – a CUSTOM curated health blueprint based on your specific diagnostic lab testing and SUPPORT from a team of female lead coaches to guide you every step of the way.

🤫 Can I share a secret?

Your body already knows how to heal but it needs a guide, support, accountability and direction – that is the magic of the SHE Health Experience.

I can’t promise results overnight. But what if having a fantastic period was as simple as uncovering hidden stressors in your body through advanced lab work and creating a customized holistic protocol built just for you.

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And what if in just six months, you could finally…

  • Have energy to make it through the day without naps (and finally be present for your kids, family & jobour)
  • Say yes to that adventurous vacation you’ve been putting off because you trust your body is strong enough to enjoy it
  • Release your emotional stress and trauma and take back control of your emotions, bounce back from daily stressors easily so that you no longer feel a need to snap at your partner.
  • Know that your chronic symptoms are NOT all in your head and be confident on your path forward
  • Finally know what foods are essential for your gut, hormone and brain health so that you can ditch the reflux, regulate your period and quelch anxiety & PMS
  • Leverage your hormones as the superpowers they are so that you can improve & optimize your entire month and not be held back by your awful period anymore.
Testimonial about the SHE Health Experience from Tess

I created the SHE Health Experience for you – the woman who wants painless periods, a happy belly and a calm mind without going to a million unhelpful doctors, struggling on your own or continuing to run the frustrating hampster wheel of exercising more and eating less.


Our all inclusive 6 step method for getting to the root of your YOUR COMPLEX HORMONE, DIGESTIVE AND MOOD RELATED ISSUES

LIVE Weekly Calls

Every week you’ll get a live Zoom call with a SHE Health Coach so you can ask your burning questions, get customized guidance and get access to exclusive trainings

Emotional Support Sessions

Every other week you’ll be lead through a variety of emotional support sessions, trainings and emotional release workshops with a Holistic Pelvic Care and Womb Healing Coach and an Eating Psychology coach

Soul Homework

After every class, you’ll have soul homework to complete – one simple task to activate your healing journey

Lab Assessments

You’ll be getting functional lab assessments and comprehensive holistic protocols created by Sophie so that you can finally have answers and accelerate your journey to happy hormones.


1:1 Check-Ins

Depending on your selected package, you’ll have either bi-weekly or monthly 1:1 check-ins with Sophie or one of the Coaches to review your labs and help you implement your holisitc protocols.

Community Support

You’ll join the SHE Health Experience Community for community support, accountability, and leadership through the most challenging times. This is where you can ask a coach or fellow member for help in between sessions!

You’ll also get VIP access to the entire SHE Health Experience Collection of Women’s Health Resources:

  • The SHE Health Nutrient Solutions Program (Valued at $197)
  • The SHE Health Optimized Eating Guide for Weight Loss and Hormonal Health (Valued at $497)
  • The SHE Health Intuitive and Mindful Eating Roadmap (Valued at $497)
  • The SHE Health Inflammation Blaster Meal Prep Plan (Valued at $97)
  • Boundary Setting Strategies for Superwomen (Valued at $197)
  • The SHE Health Blood Sugar Mood Stabilizer Method (Valued at $197)
  • The SHE Health Guide to Radical Self-Compassion (Valued at $197)
  • The SHE Health Menstrual Magic Method (Valued at $497)

Are you wondering if the SHE Health Experience is the right next step for you and your health?

“It is a great approach to invest in your health this way because, it’s a more thorough process than western medicine and to know that you’re not alone in this journey feels awesome. I would recommend this process to everyone. It’s scary but great to find out what is going on and to treat it naturally and learn the process of natural medicine is absolutely fascinating.”

– Melissa

Ready to meet the SHE Health Experience Coaches?

We’re definitely excited to meet you!

Headshot of Sophie Shepherd

Sophie Shepherd

Headshot of Sophie Shepherd

Becca Kyle

Photo of Sara Busser

Sara Busser

Headshot of Sophie Shepherd

Miriam Bouve

Meet Sophie Shepherd

Certified FDN-P and Holistic Hormone Health Coach

Hey I’m Sophie, Founder of SHE Talks Health and the creator of the SHE Health Experience. I created my company only after years of suffering in silence with menstrual health abnormalities, crippling fatigue, anxiety that rocked me to my core, “incurable IBS”, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and so much more.

After hitting rock bottom at age 22, I knew things had to change if I was going to survive. I made a radical change by investing in a Functional Medicine Doctor, and he saved my life.
As I began this work with him, I could feel my energy increasing rapidly; my body getting stronger each day; my hair stopped falling out; my anxiety eased; I no longer lived in fear of nasty reactions to eating and my periods got better.

After getting my life back using functional medicine, SHE Talks Health emerged as a way to pay it forward and help high achieving women in their 20s/30s rebalance their hormones, elevate their mood and have happy bellies again through root cause diagnostic testing and nutrition & lifestyle science so they can feel confident, safe and at peace in their bodies, mind and spirit and back in the driver’s seat of their health.

Meet Becca Kyle

Certified FDN-P and Holistic Health Practitioner

Becca Kyle is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and helps exhausted and stressed out women, who feel like they have tried everything, FINALLY uncover the root of their weight, hormone, and gut issues so they can feel happy in their bodies and present for their families again. The fast-paced lifestyle she led in her 20’s coupled with negative coping mechanisms and birth control that depleted many key nutrients set her up for inflammation, leaky gut, and severe hormone imbalance. Becca became exhausted, overweight, and anxious, couldn’t sleep, experienced chronic pain, and developed fertility issues that sent her to a myriad of health professionals to get help.

After years of no success in the traditional health world she finally discovered a holistic practitioner who enabled her to get to the root cause of many of her symptoms and fell in love with functional health. Her passion for health and wellness and background in education led her to Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Becca wanted to empower others to fight for their own health and wellness by discovering connected underlying dysfunction and educating them on how to bring the body back into balance. She is thrilled to have her dream career helping women move towards their ideal health visions, experience joy and contentment for no reason, get restorative sleep, have abundant energy and feel confident in their bodies.

Meet Sara Busser

Mind Body Healing Coach

After 5 years of coaching women through food and body struggles and a lifetime of my own mental & physical health challenges, I have a deep understanding of what it’s like to feel at war with your body.

I felt an overwhelming pressure to live up to an unrealistic standard of perfection and would beat myself up for falling short. I constantly felt like I was too much and not enough at the same time. The anxiety from my critical mind led to mysterious chronic digestive issues, depression, angry outbursts, numbing out with TV, and a need to control everything around me.

When I hit rock bottom it opened a doorway for the deep mind body healing journey that transformed my life. I learned how to quiet my anxious thoughts, release the need to achieve perfection, befriend my body and live at peace with myself. Now I am honored to help other women go from surviving to living a fuller, more beautiful life than they thought possible.

Meet Miriam Bouve

1:1 Holistic Pelvic Care and Womb Guide + Pelvic Therapist

Miriam specializes in emotional release, pelvic health, and womb healing. She helps women process stuck or numb emotions in their bodies, womb and pelvic space behind:

  • chronic pain (including endo, fibroids ect.)
  • menstrual pain and irregularities
  • sexual blocks
  • fertility
  • healing from difficult and traumatic births

Miriam uses somatic techniques, emotional release breathwork, energy work, guided self massage, pelvic re-education, and intuitive listening to support deeper healing.

“Don’t walk, run to work with Sophie! Her intellect and approach has changed my life for the better and trusting her with both my physical and mental health was life changing and easily the best decision I made this year.”

– Keisha


I don’t live in the United States. Can I still join?
Most likely yes! We often have clients in Asia, Europe and all around the world join. The only consideration is whether we can ship your lab to your country. That would depend on your country’s customs laws but most of the time it is 100% doable.
Is this program just for women?
Yes it is! We love our men too but this program is specifically for women, or people identifying as female, who are struggling with anxiety, gut issues or hormone imbalances.
I want to do the program but I’m not sure I’ll be available for the live calls. Will they be recorded?
Yes of course! You can easily catch the replay and because you have daily access to the entire SHE Coaching team you can easily get support after you watch the replay.
I notice that this program is 6 months long, do you have a shorter version?
6 months is the amount of time we have learned is most helpful for a total health transformation. However, if when we speak on the phone, it is clear that you already have some foundational knowledge, a shorter version may be offered. Ultimately, we are highly responsible about who joins the experience and we want you to get everything you need out of it.
I noticed you mentioned period issues, do I have to still have a period to join this program or can I be post menopausal?
Yes of course you can join and in fact many women in their late 40s early 50s do join. We will simply customize your experience for your area of focus (perhaps gut and mood) However there are additional resource videos and training for menstruating women and there is a large focus on hormonal health.
I am very busy, do I have to watch every training video?
Absolutely not! In our kick off call your head coach, (Sophie), will guide you through exactly what is most important for you to participate in. We pride ourselves in customizing your experience so you get the results you are looking for.
Are the lab fees included in the price?
No they are not. You decide with your head coach which labs you want to run that will be the most appropriate for your case. (You have the ability to run 3 labs inside the 6 month container) We have a relationship with the lab which allows us to extend you our practitioner pricing and have them shipped directly to your house. From there you simply follow the instructions for taking the lab and send it in along with your preferred form of payment.
I have worked with a Functional Medicine Doctor or Naturopathic Doctor before. How is this any different?
I did too! My Functional Doctor saved my life but guess what? IT WAS REALLY HARD to do all the diet and lifestyle changes he wanted me to do by myself. That’s where we come in, with a team of 4 coaches and an intimate community of like-minded women going through the same issues you are never alone. You have support, accountability and guidance. You are not in the dark, or having to wait months on end to have only 60 minutes with a doctor who may not even remember what you last spoke about. We work together as your personalized care team to support your body, and build health – we do not diagnose like a doctor would.

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