The SHE Talks Health Podcast proudly presents …
Rachna Patel, a woman smiling with pink lipstick
Rachna Patel
Rachna Patel is a posture alignment specialist and functional movement coach. She is a 4th generation Kenyan but spent 9 years in the UK as a lawyer! Through her work, Rachna helps people heal and live free of pain and limitation. Her philosophy is “inside to out” work where she combines personal experiences as a functional movement coach and athlete in the design of her programs. Rachna also believes that your body is the vehicle through which you do life. Your mind is the your map and your movement is the fuel that ignites your spirit. This has proven an unshakable formula for Rachna personally but also for each of her clients. She wishes to share this formula with the world and leave it as a legacy for our future ‘tech’ driven generations.

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