December 2, 2020
#28: Toxic Personal Care and Safer Alternatives

Episode Summary

Toxic Shampoo? Hormone Disrupting Toothpaste? Heavy Metal Filled Deodorant? The products we use for personal care impact our health. There are 80,000 new chemicals that we haven’t been able to classify! In most other countries in Europe these chemicals have been banned but in the U.S. only about 20 of them have been banned.

In this episode I brought on Arden Martin to talk about the dangers to our health of using products with toxic and unknown chemicals and what some safer alternatives might be.

In the episode we spoke a lot about one of my fav brands – Beauty Counter. If you’d like to try any of their products you can use this link:

Follow Arden Martin here: @ardenmartin OR @thespringmeditation

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