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On-Demand Workshops

Breaking the Birth Control Code

with Sophie Shepherd

This workshop is a deep dive into the birth control options for women today. We cover all of the hormonal and non hormonal options and the pros and cons for each. We discuss the benefits of a menstrual cycle for your body as well as how to support your body while on hormonal birth control.

There is a bonus module with Melissa Buchan, a fertility awareness instructor who is there to support you to understand how to track your cycle using your body own biomarkers.

This workshop is here for education and information for women to help you parse through the options and what would work best for your body.

Happy learning!

Price: $37

The Gut-Hormone-MOOD Connection
with Sophie Shepherd & Kylene Terhune

When it comes to mood issues – anxiety and depression top the list of things I’ve personally dealt with along side most of my clients. If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that MOOD symptoms are almost always related to our gut and hormones.

Our microbes in our gut communicate up to our brain and our hormonal imbalances bring with them swings in serotonin, dopamine, GABA – many of the happy and soothing brain chemicals!

In this workshop, my partner and fellow FDN-P, Kylene Terhune and I go DEEP into the why behind this connection and what you can do to start seeing change in your gut health, hormonal health and your moods!

Price: $37

The Gut-Hormone-FOOD Connection

with Sophie Shepherd & Kylene Terhune

When it comes to food, there is no one size fits all but when it comes to gut health and hormonal health, food can play a MASSIVE role in how we feel.

In this two and half hour jam packed workshop, Kylene Terhune, FDN-P, and I go into the why behind super foods for your gut and hormones and the truth behind macronutrients (none of that macro & calorie counting here!)

We give you tangible tools to get started on finding out which foods are going to work best for YOUR body and to eliminating any of the common roadblocks we often see women struggle with.

We hope you’ll join us!

Price: $37

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